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Kepiye to clean the scale of the thermos liner?


After using the thermos for a long time, be careful to clean the liner. There are several ways to do this:

1. Add 50g of baking soda to a cup of water, pour it into the bottle and gently shake it. The scale can be easily removed.
2. Masangake teh sithik ing botol termos, banjur adus ing banyu sing nggodhok banjur tutup tutup. Sawise setengah jam, skala ing botol bakal mudhun ing tumindak ing theophylline. Malah rendhem nganti sawetara kaping nganti rampung mandheg.
3. Use paper towels to make two small spherical paper balls, then put them into a thermos bottle, inject hot water into them, cover the cork, and shake them sideways while shaking. After a few minutes, you can remove the scale inside the bottle. .
4. Sijine uyah sethithik ing botol banyu panas, banjur isi banyu panas, rendhem nganti 10 menit, banjur adus nganggo banyu kaping pirang-pirang supaya bisa ngukur skala kasebut.
5. Heat the vinegar and pour it into the thermos bottle. After standing for a few hours, pour out the vinegar and wash it with water. It can also be descaled.
6. Put a little rice (or egg shell, chopped), add a little water, cover the stopper, shake for about 2 minutes, the scale will fall.