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What should I pay attention to when nggunakake a panas pengawetan ember?


1. To prevent food spoilage, the food that is eaten at noon that day is best done in the morning, and the temperature of the prepared meals is lowered and then put into the heat preservation bucket. If the unit has a refrigerator, the food is best kept in the refrigerator. refrigeration.

2. Panganan sing dijupuk saka mesin pembeku kudu dipanaskan nganti 100 derajat Celsius. Sawise panganan panas dipangan ing 2 nganti 3 jam, bakal disimpen ing suhu normal luwih saka telung jam, lan bakteri bakal akeh banget. Ana gejala kayata diare lan mutah.
3. It is best to open the rice and vegetables, because the food will affect each other and accelerate the deterioration. Especially after the rice is soaked in the soup, the deterioration is faster.